What is apisaver?

ApiSaver is a software service that is placed between your API and your clients quickly and easily. Once configured, the service works transparently. DOWNLOAD OUR PRESENTATION


Why should I use ApiSaver?

ApiSaver increases the security of your API by protecting it from the most common attacks, such as DDoS, XSS, etc. Optionally, you can obtain real time statistics, such as usage, error logs and more, which will allow you to monitor the health of your API in a simple way.


Does my API need to be under HTTPS?

Although it is advisable, it is not necessary. However, communication between ApiSaver and your clients will always be encrypted under HTTPS


Do I have to modify my API to use ApiSaver?

No, you do not need to modify your API. ApiSaver will analyze requests and redirect them to your API once the request has been granted as “Secure”.


Do I have to modify the source code of my API clients?

The only thing you need to change is the URL that the requests will access. If your API is located at:


the URL to which you will direct the requests will be something similar to:


where xxxxxxxx will be the APIKEY assigned to your application and persons will be the name assigned to your endpoint.

Thus, ApiSaver will receive and analyze the requests of your clients before redirecting them to your API in a safe way.


How can I access the beta program?

Submit your application after filling out the following beta program form. We will contact you soon.


What about pricing?

During the beta program, ApiSaver is free for developers. Join beta program now!